Inspection in Butha-Buthe district


Pursuant to the Ombudsman Act of 1996:

  1. In the exercise of his powers and the discharge of his duties under the Constitution and this Act, the Ombudsman or any officer authorized by him may at any reasonable time and upon sufficient notice to the specified authority concerned-
  2. Enter and inspect police, military or prison cells, government hospital, asylum, or any other places or centres where any person is detained or kept, whether for safe custody or in terms of any law.

On the 21st August, 2017 the Ombudsman embarked on the inspection which started in Butha-Bothe district. The following institutions were inspected:

Butha-Buthe Hospital21/08/2017
Butha-Buthe Police Station 23/08/2017
Mononts’a Police Post24/08/2017
Carldornspuort Police Post25/08/2017
Joelstrift Police Post 25/08/2017
‘Muela 25/08/2017

The inspection focused mainly on the following:

Police stations:

  1. Number of Cells and their capacity
  2. Feeding and hygiene
  3. Heating and lighting etc

Correctional Institutions:

  1. Capacity of the institution and population
  2. Buildings/cells(female and male section)
  3. Security, health and clothing etc


  1. Capacity of different wards
  2. Actual population, feeding, ventilation,
  3. Heating and lighting, ablution facilities and incinerator etc

The Officers normally take the opportunity during the inspection to disseminate information about the role and functions of the Ombudsman to the staff and the public found in the places of inspection. More than eleven thousand flyers were distributed in different places in Butha-Buthe.

If funds permit this activity is expected to be done in the other nine districts country. The last inspection activity was last done in 2013. After the completion of this inspection the Ombudsman is expected to write a report with recommendations based on his findings.