The Office of the Ombudsman beat fare well to the Assistant to the Ombudsman Ms. Lebohang Ntoampe who left the Office on early retirement on the 31st December 2016.   Ms. N. Toampe served the Office of the Ombudsman from 1997 as a Principal Investigator until when she was promoted to the position of Assistant to the Ombudsman, the position she held until she retired.  She had previously worked for different ministries since early 80’s.

During the farewell party the Ombudsman and the staff wished her well and appreciated the time they worked together. She was a hard worker who was always willing to help others and who loved her job.

In her speech, Ms. Ntoampe said it had been a great pleasure to have worked for the Office of the Ombudsman. She said one must love their job in order to make it enjoyable and easy to do. She concluded by saying that the office should not hesitate to contact her whenever there was need for her services; she would always be happy to assist.

Ms L. Ntoampe and the Chief Legal Officer