Lodging A Complaint

Lodging a complaint with the Ombudsman may be done through a letter brought to the office posted or faxed.  A complaint may also come in person to the Office or a telephone call.  The Ombudsman may also on his own motion also conduct investigations.  Presently ministries and agencies are divided among the seven (7) investigators.


–          A person reports at the reception and the receptionist asks her a few questions to establish which Ministry or Agency she is complaining against; and then directs that person to the relevant investigator.

–          The investigator interviews the complainant and fills in the complaint form whether or not there is merit in the complaint.

–          If there is merit, the investigator will ask the complainant to write a complaint letter showing clearly his complaint, which agency it is against, when and where the cause of the complaint took place and perhaps what such complainant would like the Ombudsman to do to have the cause of complaint cured.

–          The investigation process will be explained to the complainant.


Complaint by letter/fax/email

–          If the complaint comes in the form of a letter posted or delivered to the office this is what will happen;

–          Registry takes it to the Ombudsman who then instructs the Chief Legal Officer on what steps to follow;


If the complaint is on something the Office cannot investigate, for instance has got no merit, or it is outside the Ombudsman’s remit, the Chief Legal Officer or any other investigator to whom such complaint is allocated will fill in the complaint form and accordingly and inform the complainant.  The complainant will also be advised on alternative methods of having his complained resolved.