Causes of complaints

The complaints receivable by the Ombudsman Office have to be grounded on any of its areas of mandate.

Procedure for lodging complaints

Section 8 of the Ombudsman Act No.9 of 1996 provides:

  1. A complaint or allegation that a person has suffered or is likely to suffer an infringement of a fundamental right or other injustice, as a result of any action or decision taken by a specified authority or an officer or employee of such authority, may be made to the Ombudsman, by a communication in writing, addressed to the Ombudsman containing –
    • the substance of the allegation;
    • the name of the specified authority against whom the complaint is made;
    • the date on which the action or omission took place; and
    • the name and address of the complainant.
  2. The complainant shall append his signature, or if unable to sign his name affix his mark dully witnessed or if unable to act for himself he can authorise an agent to present him.
  3. Notwithstanding subsection (1), nothing shall preclude the Ombudsman from entertaining an oral complaint.
  4. Where the Ombudsman is of the view that a complainant or allegation received by him under subsection (1) does not disclose an injustice or an infringement of a fundamental right by a specified authority or an officer or employee of such authority, he may refuse to investigate such complaint or allegation, and shall inform the person making the complaint or allegation within 30 days of his making such decision.

Proviso 1: Complainants must exhaust all internal remedies at their disposal before lodging a complaint with the Ombudsman

Proviso 2: Complaints must fall within the mandate of the Ombudsman Office.

Proviso 3: Provided a complaint is lodged timeously that is, not more than twelve months after the complainant has had knowledge of the cause of complaint, save and except in circumstances where there are reasons for condoning the delay.

Further Information

At last our Case Management System is up and running to aid follow up or monitoring of the complaints that are in progress and to assist general annual and special reporting.

Our website can now be utilized to file complaints online. They can also reach us by internet through e-mail at

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