Ombudsman Farewell- Adv. T. Mokoko

The Office of the Ombudsman bid farewell to Adv. Mokoko on the 24th June 2022. He has served as an Ombudsman from 2019 until his departure this year (2022) and became a Judge at the High Court of Lesotho.

On behalf of the investigation’s section Adv. Molapo-Motanyane said that as investigators, they have learned a lot from Adv. Mokoko that helped them to grow as individuals.  She indicated that it was easy for them to work with Adv. Mokoko because he used an open-door policy. He was always ready and available to assist them with anything regarding their job.  “You were incredible, supportive, and helpful leader.” She further emphasized that they appreciated all the support he provided to them during his tenure, and they wish him health and prosperity.

When speaking on behalf of the general staff Mrs Leqele mentioned that Adv. Mokoko was a true leader, a down-to-earth person who participated and interacted with everyone during activities and events hosted by the office whether formal or informal. “Ntate Mokoko, it has been a real joy to work under your direction, you were the finest leader we have ever had, we wish you a happy goodbye.” She concluded.

He was then presented with a gift by Adv. Jobo Raswoko (Assistant to the Ombudsman) on behalf of the Office. 

When addressing the officers, Adv. Mokoko said that he enjoyed his time at the Office of the Ombudsman and appreciated working with all the officers.  “Thank you for the support, advice and encouragement you extended towards me during my stay in this Office and I am proud to have had such a lovely team to work with.”  He further mentioned that the work environment at the Office of the Ombudsman has always been great, healthy and positive.