Continuation of the Outreach Programme: Qacha’s Nek District

In February 2014 the Office started an Outreach Programme whereby it planned to distribute 2 types of flyers to high school students in the ten districts.

Last month, August 2014, the Chief Public Relations Officer and two investigators continued with the programme in Qacha’s Nek District whereby the following schools were visited:

  1. Qacha’s Nek High School
  2. Makhalong Secondary School
  3. Makhaola High School
  4. Eagle’s Peak High School
  5. Hermitage High School

These high school students are targeted so that they can gain knowledge about the Office of the Ombudsman and they are also being asked to spread the Ombudsman’s message to their different communities. In Qacha’s Nek district 2 043 students were addressed and 4 new complaints were reported during the visit.

Hermitage High School